The Slaves Narratives

Topics: Slavery, Africa, Caribbean Pages: 1 (476 words) Published: October 29, 2014

ENG 273
The Slaves Narratives.Slavery had long been practiced in Africa, but it increased crimes and injustices to humanity by the white slaveholders. All of these narrators (authors) have undergone various hardships in making them who they are – A free person. It exposes the dangers and calamities of slaveholders and also emphasizes the traditional religious ideas of loving your neighbor as yourself, and doing unto others what you want them to do onto you. Venture Smith was an uneducated slave, whom autobiography (The life and Adventures of Venture) was written by one else. His life reveals the harshness of slavery in New England. He was born of a prince of the tribe of Dukandarra around 1729 in West Africa, but was a resident over sixty years in the United States of America. Family separation, marauding invaders and his father’s death by torture acquire young Broteer (Africa name) before he was sold into slavery to Barbados, in West Indies. Two hundred and sixty slaves boarded the ship, not more than two hundred made it to land because of small pox outbreak He got married and at age twenty-two he made a failed attempt to escape. He was sold three times by his master, until the last master allowed him to buy himself at age 36. He amassed considerable wealth in an effort to garner security, independence, respect and just treatment. He has 3sons and a daughter but the eldest son and daughter died leaving him with two of the son and wife. Olaudah Equiano wrote his autobiography (Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano) himself, without the aid of white ghostwriters. He was able to recount his experiences of bondage and freedom. He was able to recount how his home setting looking like, how sacred some things are like libation, committing adultery, snakes, etc are. Harriet Jacobs was the first woman to author a slave narrative in USA – The incidents in the life of a slave Girl. She was born slave, but never knew the pains and sorrows till she was given...

Cited: Henry Louis G Jr, and Nellie McKay Y. The Norton Anthology of AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATION. 2nd Ed .W.W. Norton &Company, Inc 2004. 168-170, 187-212, 279-310.
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