The Social Studies Teachers and Improvisation of Instructional Materials (a Case Study of Some Selected Junior Secondary School in Kirfi Local Government Area of Bauchi State).

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In any teaching and learning there is the need to provide and improvised instructional materials in order to make teaching and learning so effective. As it is in the definition of instructional materials by various scholars as one of the primary tools in the hand of social studies teachers for the effective teaching in the classroom, Sunday in Ajayi, (2001), perceived instructional material as anything and anybody that can be used by the teacher during, before and after the lesson to help in the achievement of the lesson objectives which Ajayi (2001) defined as audio-visual materials used by the teacher to make learning process. Understandable to the pupils, instructional materials includes animates objects. Therefore we can simply say that instructional materials are materials which the teacher used to facilitate and assist the teacher in teaching and learning process. Instructional Materials are aids, facilitate and assist in the teaching and learning. It is worthy of note that more also of instructional materials does not guarantee effective communication and effective teaching and learning, it is their careful selection and skillful handling by the teacher that render them useful in facilitating learning. As a teacher you should not teach alone, but should find relevant resources to make your teaching more interesting and effective, the objective of teaching and learning process. Is to transmit ideas, information’s, skill and competence to the learners, the learner is expected to express changes in behaviour as a result of this interaction. To accomplish this teacher need a channel of communication that makes learning purposeful, vivid, interesting and understandable. This study is interested in the Social Studies and their attitude toward production of instructional materials particularly in teaching Social Studies. Thus opening chapter will careful examine the aims and objectives of the Social Studies, be course for any research to be achieved there most be and objectives. More so the statement of the study be highlighted the following by the hypothesis, scope and limitation of the study and lastly definition of teams. 1.1 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDIES

A good research most have its aims and objectives there, for the purpose of the studies the aims and objectives have are as follows:- 1)To enable the teachers to know how to produce and utilize instructional materials. 2)To make teachers understand that instructional materials are essentials teaching and learning process. 3)To enable the teachers use relevant materials.

4)To emphasize the need for instructional materials to the government as part of their duty to help in providing instructional materials. 5)To equip the teachers to know how to improvise local materials amound to provide instructional materials. 1.2. IMPORTANT OF THE STUDIES

The study is relevant at developing potentialities and improving the attitude of teachers toward improvisation of instructional materials, and to know the reasons those lender teachers from producing and utilizing the materials in teaching and learning process.

The research would further enable the teacher to know the importance of producing and utilizing instructional materials, it will also help the government to know that lack of instructional materials can affect the level of student understanding.

It will also serve as a way of creating awareness to teachers in knowing various instructional materials such as simple Diagram Maps, Models Television, Radio and Computers e.t.c.

The study attempt to identify the problem associated with improvisation of instructional materials by Social Studies teachers. i.There was the issue of in competence teaching personal, which was confrontment Social Studies teachers t improvised instructional materials for teaching Social Studies. ii.There is the heavy depending on...

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