The Trial Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Cohabitation, Family Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Many people believe that living together in a “trial marriage” is a good way to determine if you are compatible before marriage. Does this idea really work? How can we really know if the other person is right for us? There have been numerous studies that have examined whether living together before marriage is a good idea, in Aaron Chambers Christian Blog he lists seven reason why living together before marriage is not a good idea. The data shows that people who live together before marriage are less likely to get married. They have higher divorce and separation rates, because the studies showed that marriage was a less important part of their life. It was even reported that they have more frequent disagreements, more fights and even violence. It is also reported that people were more satisfied with their sex life, if they waited until they were married to consummate their relationship. More behavioral problems were reported, such as; alcohol problems, aggression, depression, and women being assaulted. Living together also negatively impacts their children; they tested lower in scores and incurred more behavioral problems, than children in intact families.

The reason why cohabitation may setup couples for failure in marriage is because cohabitation is just a test. Since all couples suffer from some incompatibility, when the other partner “fails” the test, the person moves on to the next partner. A succession of cohabitation failures results in an inability to maintain commitment-the most important part of a marriage relationship.

Life happens, and people make mistakes that hurt others. The ability to forgive and rebuild trust is required for any marriage relationship to succeed. Those who are used to moving on to the next relationship at the first sign of trouble will not make a good marriage partner, which is why living together leads to bad habits. Cohabitation before marriage is still a major step. Seeing one...
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