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Teaching and Learning Styles

Karen A. Pausma

Grand Canyon University NRS-429V Family- Centered Health Promotion

December 7, 2014


Teaching and Learning Styles

The author’s summary of learning style is multimodal. Included in the multimodal learning style is visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic learning strategies. The author learns by comprehending the images or pictures that is shown to them. The author learns also by listening to the spoken word, reading the assigned material and writing by taking notes from a lecture. The last learning style of the author is kinesthetic, which is learning by doing, physically interacting with learning material. (, 2013).

The author’s preferred learning strategies are visual, auditory, reading, writing and to a lesser degree kinesthetic. The author visually learns by using diagrams, images, photographs and graphs, which assists in absorbing information and combining current knowledge. ( 2014). The author learns by auditory through listening to a speaker in the traditional method. The author takes notes of the lecture and when reviewing the notes repeats the information out loud to emphasize what learning has taken place. The author also enjoys group discussion of the learned information to further reiterate the learning process. ( 2014). The author learns by reading and writing the recorded information. This includes reading books,...

References:, 2014
Wroten, Christine (2012) Learning Styles Awareness: Less About Styles, More About Design-Part 1
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