The White Tiger

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Racism Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: October 5, 2013
 The Corrupted Society Of Mankind
Nothing in life is fully guaranteed, however all we wish for is to be treated equally in a normal society. When people begin to mistreat others is truly when society beings to corrupt. In Aravind Adiga’s, ‘The White Tiger’, the author begins to exploit the main reasons why people are treated so differently in our community today. Through many incidents that Balram encounters, each one portrays the human inequality rights around the world. Balram establishes three different human inequality rights such as discrimination, racism and slavery through his own person experiences.

Balram proves through his own personal experience of how being discriminated can greatly impact the lives of humans. To begin, Balram goes door to door looking for a job as a driver to support his family. The individual is quick to comment about Balram’s caste and has this to say, “only a boy from the warrior castes can manage that. Muslims, Rajputs, Sikhs—they’re fighters, they can become drivers” (Adiga, 47). The individual that Balram approaches is quick to narrow down the castes of people that he wants to work for him. Therefore, when he finds out that Balram is a Halwai, he quickly neglects Balram as he does not think someone of Balram’s caste can fulfill his duties as a driver. Furthermore, after somebody is finally interested in hiring Balram as a driver, they have one last question for him. The question is, “halwai… What caste is that, top or bottom” (53). The future as a driver for Balram depends on one last question about something that should not even matter. Everyone that interviews him is so blinded by his religion that they overlook his true potential as a driver. Moreover, Balram finally obtains a job as a driver but his fellow driver is soon fired based on being a Muslim. When his co- driver is fired, it leaves Balram with thoughts such as, “what a miserable life he’s had, having to hide his religion, his name just to...
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