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Self-evaluation and development plan

International management competencies report

Student name: XINYI WANG
Student number: 22034390
Tutor: Diane Rushton

Table of contents

Self-evaluation----------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Personal attributes-----------------------------------------------------------3 Skills-----------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Competencies-----------------------------------------------------------------5 Self-development plan-------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Culture intelligence-----------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Cross culture Negotiation---------------------------------------------------------------------8 Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 Reference---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 Appendix-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12


As a postgraduate student at Sheffield Hallam University majoring in International business management, this semester is important because we are laying the foundation in a lot of subjects and forming study habits. At the beginning of this semester, I read The Independent almost every week, which also enables me to get more business news as well. And I plan to be a manager in the future, I know it is not easy to achieve that goal, it needs to learn a lot and experience many things, it need lots of time and need a hard working me. With the studies in this semester, I have known that it is better to make a self-evaluation before make a plan for my future, and I will divide my self-evaluation into three parts as followed,

Personal attributes
I have use the Kolb’s experimental learning cycle which shows in appendix 1 to measure myself, the final score have shows that I have a high rank in the concrete experience area, which means I love to do the things after plan by others and then show the feelings to others and reinterpretation of the existing experience, and have a quit lower rank in the abstract conceptualization which means I did bad in the concluding the experience and learn little of the experience that I have got. It is also shows that I played a role of accommodator in a team. According to the information, I am a person that with highly value good relationships with others, and have very effective listening skills, and adaptable.

Related to my daily life and my studies, I consider myself as an open-minded person and I have respect for all kind of people in general, it is very closed to the result of the kolb’s cycle. In the daily studies, I usually find some problems for instants I find it hard to reference first in the report because it is new for me. As a solution, I have asked for the help from my classmate and get suggestions from them and I also get some online resources. With the help, it gets better and helps me build a good relationship with my classmate. Furthermore, when I need to working in groups, I always love to set objectives and schedules for our group, and I explain the thing prefer gut feeling rather than logic, and discover the method to support my thinking after I have showed my opinion. But after school I don't attend social events very often, so I don't have enough chance to making friends with the students from different country from me, and the local people. Thus, I think I should be more volunteered to join the social activities because I am happy to make the new friends. With the personal attributes, I think the good things for my future are I am not afraid to ask questions and enthusiastic with my career; the negative things are careless of others and a little bit lazy, do badly in the presenting...

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