Thrill Seeker or Not, PSY150

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General Psychology 150
30 October 2013
Thrill Seeker or Not
When I took the Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality quiz, I received a score of 26 percent, meaning my sensation seeking disposition is very low. I was not surprised by my score on the quiz. It was what I expected it to be. I do not seek thrill like other people do.

I am not someone who would go out of their way to get a thrill. I have never been that person. I will try things once if I am asked to, but there are a lot of things I would not choose to do on my own. When I was younger I was terrified of rollercoasters. My family went to Disney World one year and they tried and tried to get me to ride a rollercoaster there. Eventually I gave in to doing it, but I hated it. I prefer the calm of being on the ground. I would never have even thought of going on the rollercoaster if they had not just taken me on it. While my rollercoaster experience taught me that I need to try new things before I completely dismiss them, I will never actively seek out a thrill. I never go on rollercoasters with my family. They try to get me to go by going to amusement parks that are mainly just rollercoasters. One summer we went to King’s Dominion because we needed a change in pace from our regular vacations. I was always the person that sat behind with my younger brothers when they were too short to ride something while my parents and other brothers went on the ride. That is a good enough vacation experience for me. My family took my younger brother indoor skydiving for his birthday. The whole family was going to go. Once I saw videos of other people doing it, I was out. Even just the idea of doing it made me sick to my stomach. I did not go on the outing that day. I would never think of doing anything like that. More often than not, I am too scared to go up and talk to new people, so something like that would be way out of my comfort zone and I do not like straying from my comfort zone more than I have to. I find my own...
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