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McDonald is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants and headquartered in the United States. It's a global brand that owns more than 35,000 restaurants serving in more than 100 countries, it takes a big market share in the world. In this report, we will analysis the McDonald’s challenge of entrepreneurship, Competitive Business Model, Strategic Plan and Feasibility Analysis
Rivalry Among Companies
McDonald’s, there is a strong competitive advantage among developing countries.such as India, Thailand.For example, In India there is a few companies selling hamburgers or French fries. But when McDonald’s in the developed countries, competitive advantage is very low. For example,In Japan,there are many competitors such as Ippudo,(应怕都)Yoshino(yao shei no) home Restaurant.

Bargaining Power of Buyers---With many competitors appeared and People have free choice, they can choose any product so the buyers power is high which will affects the customer's sensitivity to price change. And McDonald has been take measures to reduce buyer power.

Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
McDonald’s buy almost everything for over 35,000 restaurants from central supplier. So suppliers could be largely dependent on McDonald’s business. In this situation, ...low. But little suppliers provide rare materials, if those supplier didn’t offer it to the McDonald that will influence of McDonald’s sales. In this situation ..high

Threat of Substitute Products or Services
Three ways to analysis McDonald’s .first is Products or services differentiation,Many products can replace Hamburgers, french Fries, coke of McDonald, such as Pizza, Sandwich, , milk tea.Second,threat of local food,People in different place people has different customs and tastes.Third--few global industry.McDonald also will meet threat about few global industry, such as Pizza hut, Subway,...
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