Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Management Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: March 5, 2014
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Final Exam

1.) I would definitely recommend Mr. Stevenson to travel to Japan to develop new business. They can always send over management teams, which would benefit their country and American as well. My. Stevenson should take a management team with him so they can first be able to analyze if the company is worth doing business with or not. He shouldn't plan too many visit at once. He should plan one at a time. Make a business plan and find key positive points of the business located in other country and then analyze the importance and the benefit we would gain with the company working with the United States. 2.) Cultural Strategy is very important to his venture with the Japanese Motor Company. It practices cultural insight, effective marketing concepts, as well as persuasive engagement strategies. While Mr. Stevenson was in Japan he had to face segmented audiences who are categorized by socioeconomics, cultural heritage, language, life style, education, etc.; therefore cultural strategy would be a helpful concept to follow to face these new challenges. understand how to work with people of other cultures. 3.) Hoftstede's first cultural dimension is Power Distance. Power Distance is about how a society handles inequalities among people. Societies with high Power Distance accepts any unequal distribution of power and that people understand what their place is in the system. In societies with low power distance people strive to equalize the distribution the power and demand justification. This would help explaining the difference between American and Japan because their clearly would sort out the cultural difference. American is a place of lower power distance compared to Japan because in our society members view themselves as equal. The second cultural dimension is Individualism. Individualism would be another word for loose connection. Americans have more individualism than Japan. The third dimension that Hoftstede explains is...
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