Top Ten Academic and Professional Integrity Elements That Are Most Important to You

Topics: Educational psychology, Kinesthetic learning, Psychology Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: September 12, 2013
Do you have a Fixed or Growth Mindset?
I found out that I have a growth mindset and probably like most people I feel that theirs always new information that I can learn and my education is never complete. My mindset says a lot about me and the reason I say that because look at me now I’m trying to further my education to a higher level by attending college. Although I’m going to college once I finish I fill that their still much to learn. I can be the most intelligent person in the world but if I fill that there is still room for growth then I will continue my education further. I love to work hard and give an assignment all the effort I can give, dedication, learning properly, and viewing mistakes as learning opportunities for growth learning primarily for myself. What surprised you me about the result is that most of the time I see myself as an failure but seeing that I like to learn from my mistakes and willing to work hard to achieve an goal I now see the I have an growth mindset. I know I’m not lazy and I love to put effort into my work however sometimes I feel that I’m not putting enough effort into something like I suppose to. Maybe I’m being too harsh on myself and judging inaccurately on my capability of being successful. I feel that I need to be proud of the accomplishment that I achieve instead of worrying about my failure but for the most more I never give up and I love to learn and expand my brain as much as possible. The result matches how I see myself. I feel that I like to learn as much information about different things as possible. I notice myself switching majors a lot or taking different classes that have nothing to do with the major but I love being a well-rounded person. I love to learn about physical education, love to learn about hair, I love to do makeup, I have a bartending licenses, I love to learn different cooking styles etc. but whatever interests me I find a way to learn about it and apply it to my life. I’m just unhappy if I...
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