Topic 3 Wed DQ1

Topics: Nursing, Cross-cultural communication, Value Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: August 3, 2015
Topic 3 - Wed DQ 1
What is the importance of cultural competency in nursing practice? Support your response Answer:

The dissections of race, ethnicity, and culture are more sharply drawn in the health of the people in the United States. Diversity is predominant in our society, and the patients and our co-workers in our healthcare system today evidently validate that fact. Cultural competence is the combination and transformation of knowledge about individuals and groups of people into specific standards, policies, practices, and attitudes used in appropriate cultural settings to increase the quality of services; thereby producing better outcomes (CDC, 2014). Being competent in cross-cultural functioning means learning new patterns of behavior and effectively applying them in the appropriate settings. To be culturally competent, nurses need to be aware of the cultural and value diversities that exist in our patient population as well as the nurse’s own value and belief system. In order to provide a thorough care to the patients and their families, nurses must recognize the value of transcultural values. Being culturally competent allows for a better patient experience and thus they feel valued and respected. Understanding cultural competency will allow nurses to create an accurate teaching plan/nursing care plan which will facilitate a better outcome for the patients and their families. For example, if a female Muslim patient refuses to allow a male nurse assigned to her to insert a foley catheter, and requested for a female nurse to do it, such request/decision should be respected/granted in order to achieve an effective nursing care. As nurses, we care for a huge diverse population who often times have different needs/values. Being culturally competent/sensitive will make us better nurses given that we learn from our patient’s cultural backgrounds and thus multiply our knowledge instead of being closed minded and not sanctioning...

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