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Topics: Chemistry, Bacteria, Water Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Principles of Cleaning and Sanitizing: Cleaning and Sanitizing are two distinct processes used for very different purposes. Cleaning is the physical removal of soil and food residues from surface of equipment and utensils. Sanitizing is the treatment of a surface that has been previously cleaned to reduce the number of disease-causing microorganisms to safe levels. The equipment and supplies used for cleaning are different from those used for sanitizing. Removal of Food Particles: Scrape and flush large food particles from equipment and utensils before the items are placed in a cleaning solution. Application of Cleaning Agents: A cleaning agent is a chemical compound formulated to remove soil and dirt. Cleaning agents include an acid or alkaline detergent and may include degreasers, abrasive materials, or a sanitizer. Soaking: Small equipment, equipment parts, and utensils may be immersed in cleaning solution in a sink. Spray Methods: Spray cleaning solution on equipment surface can use either fixed or portable spray units that use hot water or steam. Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems: The clean-in-place method is an automated cleaning system generally used in conjunction with permanent-welded pipeline systems. Abrasive Cleaning: Abrasive type powder or pastes are used to remove soil that is firmly attached to a surface. Rinsing: Immediately after cleaning, thoroughly rinse all equipment surfaces with hot, potable water to remove the cleaning solution. Factors Affecting Cleaning Efficiency:

· Type of soil to be removed. · Water quality. · The detergent or cleaner to be used. · Water temperature. · Water velocity or force. · Time detergent remains in contact with the surface. · The concentration of cleaners. Sanitizing Principles: Heat and chemicals are the 2 type of sanitizers most commonly used in food establishments. Sanitizers destroy disease-causing organisms which may by present on equipment and utensils even after cleaning. Heat Sanitizing: Heat has...
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