Traditional Marriage Ceremony in Ngie

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John Egyawan
World Values and Cultures

Traditional Marriage Engagement Ceremony in the Ngie Culture. The Ngie tribe is found in Momo Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. I have been fascinated by the way marriage is celebrated in my tribe and have always admired the way the ceremony is done. Over the years there has been a lot of modification or some changes however the concept remains the same.

When a boy is of age, usually from 21 years old, he is considered ready to start a family. The pressure of getting married comes from the family in most cases the mother. It is honorable to a family to have their child marry. In the past, it was usually the parents who will find a lady for the boy but it is not like that anymore. The process begins when the family finds a suitable girl for their son. The father of the boy will pay an impromptu visit to the girl’s compound to see her father to inform him that he has seen something in his household that is of interest to him. “I have seen a hen in your yard that I would like to get for my strong rooster” If he has more than one daughter he will try to inquire which one is it. If he is okay with the background of the requesting family he will concur. If not he will just tell him that the “Hen” is reserved for someone else. If they agree then the boy’s father will return home to prepare for an official visit. This is what we call “knock door ceremony” or an engagement ceremony.

On the arranged date, the family of the boy will bring a Rooster, a goat and at least 20 litters of Raffia Palm wine, with cola nuts, a large pot of plantain cooked in palm oil with smoke fish or meat . The family elder, the boy and his parents, and key family members, would carry the things as they head to the house of the girl. When they arrive, they are greeted by the other family who have also gathered key family members in the house waiting for their guests. They will be received, and drinks will be served as welcome. During...
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