Trans atlantiv slave trade

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, African slave trade Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: October 5, 2013
Black vs White assessment task
Digital usefulness and reliability: what to look for
Evaluate the usefulness and reliability of a website that is designed to inform the public about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The eyewitnesstohistory website on the slave trade: the African connection is useful because the information on this website shows the events that carried through during 1788 in Africa and it also shows what they slaves had to go through throughout their journey across the Atlantic Ocean. This essay will evaluate the usefulness and reliability of this resource of this website for learning about the trans-Atlantic slave trade: the African connection. The reason why it is important to evaluate the websites we use as sources is to make sure the information is true and accurate. Authority

It’s important to find who the author is and if they have any qualifications discussing or writing about a specific topic or if they were a primary source and just writing down their experiences. Either way it is important to find this information so we know how accurate the information is going to be. Alexander Falconbridge was a British surgeon who was a part of four slave ship voyages. He later then became an abolitionist, which is someone who is against the slave trade and tries and to stop it from continuing. He had written his experiences and the process in which the Africans were taken away and were being sold as slaves. Alexander was one of the references that were listed at the bottom of the page. Since he is a primary source his opinions and story count. He was able to be involved with the slave trade and he knows the truth. Phillip D. Curtis was another person who contributed to the information on the site. He was a professor at Johns Hopkins University and a historian of the African slave trade. He has realised a book all about the slave trade. ‘The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census’ is about how many people were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. He...

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