Transformational Change

Topics: Educational psychology, Problem solving, Psychology Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Transformational Change

Transformational Change
Shamika Esquibel
Ashford University

Transformational Learning

John Mezirow believed that people can be transformed through a process involving critical reflection and new interpretations of experience. Transformational learning requires that the individual has a vested interest in their own learning process, rather than being given information to memorize. People are the products of their own individual histories and experiences, which influence their attitudes, and thinking processes. Learning comes from the examinations and new idea formulation. Transformational learning requires being more open to the perspectives of others. It also causes a change in thinking after processing information. The individual has to make sense of this within themselves to create a new mindset.

Formulating a plan of action is not enough by itself. I have to clearly know what I would want my end results to be. Some results show up simply by clarifying my intentions. Some will not, and I need to reflect on my conclusions, I believe that I can multiply the effectiveness of my planning, by paying as much attention to issues or problems as to outcomes or goals. I had to figure out what I considered to be the main areas in my life. These are my family and my education. I have a clear plan as far as completing my education. I, personally combine the skills of problem solving, critical thinking, and openness to transformative learning to better prepare myself to adapt to the changing environments of my workplace. I have to self-examine routinely to make sure that I am “up to speed”. I work in an environment that I constantly have to be self-aware as well as being conscious of others individual needs. Transformational Learning


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