Transportation from Past to Present

Topics: African American, United States, Slavery Pages: 4 (1487 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Jeremiah Bui
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Every wonder how race plays such a huge role in the world of transportation? It’s always a matter of color of the skin or how much money a person has. People take buses to travel from one destination to the next but the question is, why don’t they just walk instead? In this case, race is an important role because of how people react around each other. Transportation to certain areas using buses or car rides is usually for safety because who knows what might happen to them if they travel by foot, many scenarios can be thought of this. What I’m going to write about is how transportation is so conflicted with race from the past to the present, how it was used in the past, and how these two correlate with each other.

In the past, transportation was tough. Places where I needed to go and where I need to be. It’s not like today, where cars are everywhere. It was either bus or walking because money was a huge problem on my end. But as time went by new inventions for easy transportation were built. Public transportation was not open to everyone since it was limited, but today, in the present, there are quantities of buses and most people have access to it. I feel that white people used the buses a lot more while Blacks and Asians relied on bicycles and walking and buses on rare occasions. The issue here is that safety and money were a huge problem because others actions were thought negatively due to their poor choices.

When I was little, my parents bought my brother and I, two bicycles’ and my older sister used roller-blades. When my household only had one car around at the time, we would rely on walking and running most of the times. Using buses for long distance purposes such as: from a friend’s house or a shopping mall.

When my siblings and I go out for groceries, we would rely on walking back and forth instead of the usage of having to use the bus unless we’re really heavy on baggage and we can’t carry it all home....
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