Trial Marriages

Topics: Marriage, Cohabitation, Common-law marriage Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Trial marriages” or cohabitations have been on the rise in these recent times, birthed by several factors. Reactions towards this matter have varied from blatant disapproval, apathetic disinterest and to some parties, hearty approbation. Advocates of cohabitation say cohabitation is akin to a test run. Living together, a couple can get to know each other in a more intimate way. They can discover the other’s likes or dislikes and accordingly, make adjustments without any pressure. The stigma of divorce can feel like a noose around the neck to some people who feel they just have to make it work. Cohabitating provides a couple with the opportunity to have a taste of the domestic life with no strings attached. Statistics have also shown that cohabitation can save money as from the monetary point of view, running one household is cheaper than two.  Besides that, when two people stay together, they can spend more time with each other. Given the hectic pace of life nowadays,  cohabitation saves a couple from cracking their heads on choosing a time to go out for a date and the such. A couple who stay together can communicate on a daily basis, be it over breakfast or just before drifting off to sleep. Cohabitation also provides the couple with a sense of security as the decision to stay together is a sign of deep commitment and not to be taken lightly. If a couple is sure about their compatibility, they need not worry about breaking apart some time later in the future due to differences that might crop up since they have already covered that particular ground. Little habits like untidiness or tardiness might seem small in the beginning but they can sometimes be cracks that will eventually threaten the foundations in the years to come. Cohabiting brings all these details to light before any formal ties are made. Critics of cohabitation cite religion as their main fodder for attack. Cohabiting is a mere step away from having children out of wedlock. Studies have shown that...
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