Trouble in Paradise

Topics: Decision making, Amusement park, Recreation and Sports Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Dear Ms. Hoover,

As you requested on September 15th, I am sending you a report which weighs the benefits and downsides of the preferred guest card you are considering to launch, and I hope that the information will help you make the right decision. After having worked for 5 years at Six Flags as a marketer in consumer research, I have dealt with several cases similar to yours. Therefore, I firsthand know how difficult it is to meet everybody’s expectations. However, I would like to stress that the issue you are facing is directly related to my field of expertise. Throughout this report I will work towards a potential solution to your problem which hopefully will facilitate your decision making process. It is important to mention and understand Paradise’s historical backgrounds and its problem before one draws any conclusions. Paradise Parks was founded by Francis Hoover and started out during the 1960s. The main concept the business tries to communicate is that families visit the theme park aiming to relax and get away from the habitual and stressful everyday life. It stands for an unforgettable experience full of adventure and fun. However, tastes are ever changing and competition has become tough; the business is facing financial difficulties. One way how to fund money into the business is through the introduction of the preferred guest card. This card promises the customer free parking spaces, no queues, and immediate seats in restaurants within the parks. Moreover, revenues are expected to grow and probably more important is the idea of attracting a new high-income target group. Even though the benefits seem to be very attractive, there are also drawbacks such as rising discrimination and conflicts between customers with and without a preferred guest card. Another very important question to be answered is, whether Paradise Parks is ready to make some changes in the business, such as launching the preferred guest card or if it plans to continue...
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