Tv Viewing- Good or Bad?

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People young or old, men or women, love to watch television for long hours. Every medium of entertainment has an impact on the health of the society and television is no exception to this. There are some common allegations against television. Some of them are: we have stopped taking the world around us seriously because of television, it delivers mindless entertainment, which sensationalize some absurd issues and we amuse ourselves with them and most of the programs that are aired on TV lack quality content.

Researchers from all across the world are conducting several investigations to find out the influence of television on our intelligence. People of all age groups and diverse backgrounds have been involved in these researches to find whether television affects our intelligence. However, there is no practical evidence which shows that television prevents the normal development of the brain or causes any harm to brain stimulation. 

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Watching television has been a favorite thing to do for many people for decades and raises the question; does television affect your intelligence?  Seems like most American families sit down to the TV every night.  In fact have you ever asked yourself what you would do if you didn’t have a TV?

Many researchers through out the world have conducted tests to see to what extenttelevision has affected our intelligence. The research has included all types of people from all backgrounds and age groups. Interestingly enough, there is no solid evidence that our intelligence, per se, is necessarily affected. However, there are other repercussions and we probably should not too surprised at what the researchers discovered. Of particular concern to me regarding does television affect your intelligence is the affect that it has on small children. Small children need to have creative play, not be sitting in front of a television for too...
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