Type of Educational Research

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Advantages of Teaching Online
Faculty at institutions all over the country are developing and teaching courses in online and blended formats. The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee has a well-established faculty development program to assist instructors as they make the transition to online teaching. They have a great collection of resources; this one in particular speaks to the advantages of teaching online. Teaching online or hybrid courses can provide:

New teaching opportunities: "The hybrid took something I always knew was possible and let me do it." Faculty can teach using a variety of online and in-class teaching strategies, which make it possible to achieve course goals and objectives more effectively. The hybrid model allows faculty to develop solutions to course problems and to incorporate new types of interactive and independent learning activities that were not possible in traditional courses. Student engagement: "In the online classroom, there is no place to hide…. And in that sense, students can become more responsible than you could ever make them in a face-to-face classroom." Instructors report that they feel more connected with their students and are able to get to know them better since they communicate both online and face-to-face. Students who rarely take part in class discussions are more likely to participate online. Increased student learning: "My students have done better than I've ever seen; they are motivated, enthused and doing their best work." Instructors report that students write better papers, performed better on exams, produced higher quality projects, and were capable of more meaningful discussions on course material when reflecting online. Students may develop higher-order skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to apply theoretical models to real-world data. New pedagogical approaches: This format "may...
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