Unbiased Gay Marriage Argument

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: March 13, 2013
A prominent issue of today is the question of whether or not to grant the right of marriage to same sex couples. Although same sex marriage has been legalized in many parts of the country, the majority is still on the fence about the issue. There are questions of if would harm the traditional institution of marriage, if it’s religiously righteous, whether it’s constitutional to ban gay marriage, as well as what it would do to the economy. The pros and cons of legalizing gay marriage are almost equal, leaving the issue unresolved. “As of May 10, 2012, gay marriage has been legalized in eight US states and the District of Columbia” (National Conference). According to the constitution, each person has the right to liberty and equality, meaning that the rights of marriage should be granted to everyone regardless of sex. “The US Supreme Court declared in 1974’s Cleveland Board of Education v. LaFleur that the ‘freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause’” (ProCon.org). Those who are pro-gay marriage also argue that the gained revenue brought in from marriage licenses, and higher income taxes of those marriages, would be good for local and state governments. “The Comptroller for New York City found that legalizing gay marriage would bring $142 million to the City’s economy and $184 million to the State’s economy over three years” (ProCon.org). Another argument in same sex marriage is the issue of procreation. Many people who are against the issue believe that because a same sex couple cannot naturally conceive children that they should not be allowed to marry, however if this were the case, couples who are infertile would not be allowed to marry either. A same sex couple is much more likely to adopt a child than a fertile heterosexual couple. A married couple has an advantage over a non-married couple when adopting a child, and with over a hundred thousand children waiting to be...

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