Underhand Marriage Morrally Justified or Not

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Underhand Marriage Morally Justified or Not
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Nowadays, underhand marriage is booming. The great business person, Sheikh Puji, artist, like Dewi Persik-Aldiansyah Taher did this kind of marriage. Do you know what the meaning of underhand marriage? Underhand marriage is marriage without the presence of the family, and is done secretly. Maybe, it is because the woman’s family disagrees and rejects. Some people said that underhand marriage is legal marriage by the religion law, especially Islamic law, but the government, department of religion (KUA), does not authorize it. Is underhand marriage morally justified or not? Lets see the advantages and disadvantages from the underhand marriage. Some people who take aside to the good points of underhand marriage say that first this marriage is easier and more economical than the legal marriage. Why do they say that? Because the legal marriage spends a lot of time and money and bothers. Second, the couple can avoid the prostitutions because the underhand marriage is legal marriage by the Islamic law. So, no matter if they do some sex. Third, this marriage does not have the law’s strengthen. Therefore, if the couple wants to divorce, just let it go. Forth, the husband can give no responsible for giving the livelihood to his wife and his children. Nevertheless, not all the people have the same point of view. Underhand marriage also have negative sides, especially for women. The underhand marriage has the weak law because it is not registered in department of religion. This impact is the wife cannot propose their marriage to the court. She cannot prosecute the husband, if she gets bullying. Then, their child does not have a status and birth certificate because making birth certificate needs legal marriage certificate. Therefore, their child will get difficulty when she/he wants to...
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