Understanding Culture

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Culture, Communication Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: August 18, 2013
July 14,2013
By Gwen Lucas
Instructor Lewis Lynn
Understanding Cultural Differences
The United States are made of a large population of millions of people of every race and gender, which understanding diversity and cultural differences important. Working out abroad, there is a need of understanding culture heritage and shared humanity make a difference in professional success and failure meeting organizational goal (Kaplan, 2010). People work in all types of different cultural background. If you communicate successfully, with the multicultural colleagues, clients and customers will help your business performance, competitive advantage and talent retention (Kaplan, 2010). To have an effective communication skill, there is a need for people to understand their own culture, not just live it. Knowing how a culture gives and receives praise or criticism will be a great asset for the organization. Positive interactions wit co workers and understanding their cultural differences can improve productivity by ensuring projects are completed on time; improve performance, innovation and progress. On the other side of this, if the cultural communication skills are not focused on and improved, misunderstandings, mistakes, antagonistic feeling, and lost opportunities, can occur (Kaplan, 2010). Communication in an organization can be affected in all areas of cultural differences, since companies increase operations in other countries and become global. Acknowledging cultural differences benefits everyone and influences the business and social interaction as neighborhoods in U. S. grow in diversity. Speed and efficiency are valued in the U. S., and often used when evaluation a workers performance. Other cultures sense of time and control are viewed and managed differently. Understanding the audience when speaking, gestures and nonverbal language is important in cross cultural communication. Understanding experiences of another person’s culture helps to...

References: Kaplan, S. (2010). Eight quick tips for improving global cross-cultural communications. Diversity Factor, 18(2), 33.
Blake-Beard, S. 2009). Mentoring as a bridge to understanding cultural differences. Adult
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