Understanding Principles and Practices in Assessments

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Leroy Lee


Task 1
I work for a Substance Misuse Service, based in Coventry in the West Midlands. We provide free and confidential services to the residents of the borough that have been affected by substance misuse. We are a recovery focussed project providing recovery interventions; including structured support for those seeking change. We believe that every service users’ journey is important. We work to create safer communities and healthier lives in everything that we do. I currently deliver accredited learning at my project. The course that I deliver is Level 2 in Peer Mentoring.

The assessment activities have been customised and written with our client group in mind; therefore, it is appropriate to their learning needs and life experience.

I have used a couple of units for the purpose of this task, so that I am able to use a range of assessment activities and assessment methods

Route A
Describe at least 4 assessment activities using a range of assessment methods for a particular unit or course and an identified group of learners

Activity 1
Practical – To build the tallest tower from newspapers and sellotape that will hold a small weight.

Assessment method
Observation – Tutor Testimony

It is very visual. Everyone can see if the learning outcome has been achieved. •The learning outcome is transparent; as learners are provided with a task sheet explaining the requirements of the task. What the learning outcome is, what materials they can use, how long they have in completing the task and also giving them an outline of a suggested action plan. •The activity is inclusive; regardless of the learners’ needs. It can easily be adapted, for example somebody with a bad back can stay seated on their chair and take part in the task.

Authenticity – it could be difficult to establish if all members of the group participated equally. You may have some strong members of the group that may want to take over the task. •Space may be an issue, as you would need a decent amount of space for all group members to take part. •The setting up of this task can also be time consuming, especially resourcing the materials that are required

Activity 2
Group discussion – to draw conclusions from other group members’ views/responses without interrupting.

Assessment method
Written description

All learners are able to participate in this activity regardless of their needs. •The topic of conversation can be appropriate to the learners group, therefore all participates have knowledge on the subject.

The assessor would need to control the conversation as it could easily digress and could develop into an argument. •The assessor may need to prompt some learners to take part in the discussion as they may feel uncomfortable in the group setting.

Activity 3
Case Study - Explain possible reasons as to why people may misuse drugs.

Assessment method
Questions and answers

This activity can be done in a group setting or the learner can work individually. •Answering the questions can be short or long

A learner could have experienced what the case study describes; therefore making them feel uncomfortable or even upset. •The questions would need to be written in a way so all learners understood what was being asked.

Activity 4
Written description – summarise different roles and responsibilities for group members when working in group situations

Assessment method
Assessing work produced

Can show the learners potential.
Will evidence the learners knowledge and skills
You are able to assess the learners’ literacy and language skills.

Learner needs to have good writing so that their work is eligible. •May not be inclusive; as it may be a barrier to learners who have dyslexic.

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