Unfaithful: Marriage and Infidelity

Topics: Marriage, Adultery, Sexual intercourse Pages: 6 (1936 words) Published: August 29, 2013
Movie Review and Critical Analysis



This critical analysis paper focuses on the film, “Unfaithful”, starring Richard Gere as “Edward Sumner” and Diane Lane as “Connie Sumner”. I will briefly summarize the movie, as well as give a literature review on sexual infidelity, analyze characteristics of dysfunctional sexual relationships as well as who infidelity affects. I will also explain the consequences of engaging in such relationships.

Movie Summary

The movie “Unfaithful” starts with Connie (Diane Lane) going into the city of New York, when she finds herself caught in a windstorm. While in the city, Connie bumps into a man name Paul Martel (Oliver Martinez), who buys and sells used books. They both fall leaving Connie with a scraped knee. When Paul invites Connie to his apartment to clean up her knee, instead of declining his offer, and heading home to her husband and son, Connie accepts Paul’s offer and goes into his apartment. While in the apartment, Paul begins to make small gestures and comments toward Connie, which made her, feel uncomfortable. Connie decides to leave. Before Connie left, Paul gives her a book of poetry as a gift.

Later in the day when Connie get home, she tells her husband Edward Sumner (Richard Gere) about the incident but does not go in details. The next morning, Connie decides to call Paul from the train station. He invites her to his place again. Instead of declining Paul’s offer, once again Connie accepts. While in the apartment, Paul makes small gestures again, which makes Connie leave again. Whether Connie realized or not, this is how her obsession with Paul began. It is like she could not stay away from him.

As time went by, Connie slowly loses interest in her husband, while she gained interest in Paul. She would constantly go back to Paul’s apartment. This time, Connie felt more comfortable being around Paul. While in the apartment, Paul asked Connie to dance. While dancing, Paul and Connie both start flirting with each other. Meanwhile, Connie realizes she was making a mistake being with Paul. By Paul being a man, and doing what men do, he replies, “There is no such thing as a mistake. There is what you do and what you don’t do”. Though Paul was giving Connie excuses on not leaving, she still knew she could not stay. At that very moment, Connie followed her instincts. But not for long because, when Connie came back to get her coat, Paul immediately grabs her and kisses her. Shortly afterwards, Connie and Paul began their passionate sexual affair.

When the affair begun, Connie would lie to her husband constantly about her whereabouts, just so she can be with Paul. It didn’t really bother Connie if anyone saw her in public with Paul. She was becoming so obsessed with this guy, that she didn’t care how it would affect her family. She let her selfish ways get the best of her.

Connie’s husband Edward soon became suspicious when Connie’s visits to Manhattan increased. Again, Connie would use her work on a charity event as an excuse, but Edward would find holes in her stories when he spoke with mutual friends. He then hired a detective to follow Connie. After following Edward’s wife, the detective returns with pictures of Connie and Paul that devastate Edward.

Connie’s emotional behavior really gets out of hand when she sees Paul with another woman. But her furious behavior quickly turns into passion. Meanwhile, after Edward finds out about the affair, he ends up murdering Paul in his apartment, by fracturing Paul’s skull with a snow globe that Connie had given him. Though Edward knew of the affair, he still never mentioned it to Connie. When Connie finds out about the murder of Paul, Edward decides to turn himself in, but Connie declines. In the meantime, the last scene of the movie didn’t really say as to what Connie and Edward did about the...
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