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Topics: Logo, Colloquialism, Amusement park Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: November 26, 2013
Both texts use presentational and language devices in order to promote light water valley and Lego land. The light water valley brochure uses informal language and an exciting tone to help persuade teachers in to organising reward trips. In contrast the Lego land promotional video is set to persuade parents/ families so the adults can relax in the hotel or lobby whilst the children enjoy themselves, playing in the resort. Therefore is suitable for all ages. One effective presentational device used in the Lego Land promotional video is the logo. The logo is near to the sun which connotes that the Lego land is in another dimension. Furthermore, the logo shows Lego Land is so irresistible and so wonderful that it cannot be contrasted to earth and that Lego Land has taken us a life of its own. It is further enhanced by the way that a flag is conserved on the logo. This is similar to when an astronaut reaches the moon they put their flag to indicate their journey and accomplishment and this is linked to the way that, by reaching Lego Land and experiencing Lego Land it gives an individual a sense of triumph. This is compared with the way that the Light Water Valley brochure has a logo which has swirls that appear to be coming out of it, which makes the reader link it to a portal or vortex. The effect this has is that it seems like a portal to another world or dimension, therefore sending the message that Light Water Valley is ‘out of this world’. Also it gives the audience a sense of sovereignty and freedom and makes the reader assume they are about to go on a journey. These logos are vital because they help the audience to identify these businesses with small images. This brand credit means that the logos get stuck in the audience’s head and help them to keep in mind the business from a small clue, the logo. The Light Water Valley logo is a bright oval shape with multi-coloured lettering and a simple explicit drawing of a roller coaster in the middle. While this theme...
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