Unit 4 Sertifikaat Onderwys

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Learning Pages: 9 (2162 words) Published: December 24, 2011
Name:| Heidemarie|
Surname:| Coote|
Id:| 780405 0016 086|
Student#:| |
Course:| The Teacher as a Technologist |

Candidate Information Sheet
Name| Heidemarie|
Surname| Coote|
ID| 780405 0016 086|
Equity| White |
Language| Afrikaans, English|
Physical / Postal Address| 93 Hercules Street|
| Roseville|
| Pretoria|
| 0084|
Telephone Number| 082 426 4739|
Cell Number| 082 426 4739|
Email Address| heidemariec@gmail.com hcoote@mail.com|
Employer| None|
Employer Contact Details| None|
Date of Portfolio Submission| 1 March 2012|
Assessor Name| |
Assessor ID Number| |
Date of Assessment | |
Programme US| |
Learning Unit| |
Contact Number| |
Assessor Signature| |

Declaration of Learner Preparation|
I hereby declare that I have prepared for all assessment activities related to the National Certificate: Education. I am aware of the requirements and time frames of this assessment, and undertake to complete any remedial work required for assessment of this Learner Unit, where required.| Declaration of Authenticity|

I hereby declare that the evidence presented in this Portfolio is my own work, and that I have participated in preparing the evidence in the case of group work activities. Where applicable, I have recognized sources of information used in the preparation of this Portfolio of Evidence for National Certificate: Education| |

Learner Name| Heidemarie Coote|
Learner ID Number| 780405 0016 086|
Learner Signature | |
Date| 1 March 2012|

Assessor DeclarationI ____________________________________________________________

___ hereby declare that I have checked the learners preparation for this assessment, have familiarized myself with the Assessment strategy and unit standards requirements, portfolio requirements, and Assessment Plan.I have checked the Portfolio of Evidence for completeness, and undertake to inform the candidate of outstanding documents and evidence. Assessor Signature Date|

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Generally, quality assurance is targeted at the
2. Learning design refer to the orchestration and arrangement of students A
3. In a Teacher Centre Approach, the Teacher is the
4. A course is a major learning experience that consists of a number of B
5. Designing learning activities help teachers to
6. Radio and recordings are considered
7. Computers help children to develop
8. Multimedia is referred to
9. Learning through multimedia is
10. To incorporate media into educational activities effectively teachers need to develop B
Total Mark ______/10

Knowledge Questions
1. A core indicator of quality assurance processes should be aimed at what? (2) A core indicator of quality assurance processes should be aimed at providing a rich and resourceful learning experience to students and helping students to achieve meaningful learning experience. 2. In order to bring about meaningful learning in students, what do teachers have to focus their attention on ? (2) Teachers have to focus their attention on learning design and try to orchestrate the entire learning experience of the learner and ensure that their learning is meaningful and motivating. In other words, teachers have to provide opportunities for learners to bring about kinds of situations that they are most likely to encounter in their real life situations and enable them to relate to the learning process. 3. Explain Teacher Centre Approaches. (5)

The teacher centre approach where teachers deliver the content and the learner passively listens to the teacher. In this instance, the teacher is the only source of knowledge and information. Even most of the books are written in a linear sequence of topics. In this approach, learners are required to go through...
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