UNIT 517

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Lead Person-Centred practice
UNIT 517
1) Person centred practice is dedicated to supporting people to develop their lives and fulfill their ambitions. Every person needs support to plan in a way that is meaningful to them and therefore we are flexible and innovative to make this a truly inclusive process. A Plan can be carried out in different ways, it could be hand written, presented on the PC as a PowerPoint, could be filmed, made into a music video, put on a DVD, the most important aspect is that the individual has created it with support from individuals who know them well so they can tell individuals who do not know them well how to support them. There are four main approaches to person centred practice, “Pathway” planning, “Maps” planning, “Person centred portfolios” (otherwise known as “Essential Lifestyle Planning”) and “Personal Future Planning.”

Pathway Planning: A Pathway Plan sets out the arrangements to meet the needs of a young person so that they can take the right steps into adulthood. The process of making the Pathway Plan starts just before the young person’s 16th birthday and lasts until they are 21 (or longer if the young person is in education or training).The Pathway Plan is usually put together by the Children and Young People's Service but will involve others who have responsibility to provide support. The young person is always involved and is at the centre of this process. Maps Planning: MAPs focus strongly on a desirable future or dream and what it would take to move closer to that. Individual Service Design focuses on the past to help deepen the shared understanding and commitment to the person.

ELP: Essential Lifestyle Planning is a guided process for learning how someone wants to live and developing a plan to help make it happen. Personal Future Planning: Personal Futures Planning is a planning process that involves: Getting to know the person and what her life is like now.

Developing ideas about what she would like in the future.
Taking action to move towards this, which involves exploring possibilities within the community and looking at what needs to change within services. Each has a particular approach that is appropriate for different individuals in different situations. The McGill Action Planning System (MAPS) brings together a group of people who help to identify the focus on service users’ talents and needs, and to negotiate changes to their routines based on their desires and aspirations. Essential Lifestyle Planning was developed for those individuals whom Stalker and Campbell (1998) describe as people with ‘severe reputations’. It is commonly used to plan for those who are moving out of institutions. Personal Futures Planning focuses less on services and tends towards building relationships with family, friends and the wider community. PATHS can be used in the development of individual action plans. As a Manager I would be promoting all of the above as all have the same ethos behind them and that is the individual in the centre and the support working with the individual to achieve future goals and aspirations. It is vital that the individual is key and we as supporting others aid them to achieve their goals and where needed adapt services so these can be met. I am aware that some goals may be unrealistic and perhaps unachievable e.g. I want to play football for Chelsea, but we can support them to organise a trip to see a match, look around the stadium but also source a local football team for them to join and explain that they need to acquire the skills to play for a premier league but everyone has to start somewhere. This way you are encouraging them to take control of setting and achieving their goals. Encouraging and supporting individuals to make informed choices can only enhance their lives and ensure they are listened too by family members, supporting agencies and others who they may meet. If an individual feels listened to and included this can lead to many...
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