Topics: Educational psychology, Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning Pages: 6 (2113 words) Published: August 19, 2014
1.3 use resource to enable inclusive learning and teaching

Please see attached the Assessor’s Observation and Self Evaluation.

As a teacher it is vital to make sure that my session is inclusive, and I can help to do that by selecting different learning and teaching methods. There are many different learning and teaching methods that can be used during lessons. I can choose which techniques to use will depend on the learners that are in my class. Choosing inclusive learning and teaching techniques to use will depend on the learners that are in your class. Also choosing inclusive learning and teaching technique will allow the entire group to be involved and ensure that my session is inclusive. It is important that I with my learners what their support needs and requirements are. Once I know the needs and requirements I am able to plan my session to ensure that all learners are included. I can manage the teaching environment so that shy or reticent learners can make positive contributions e.g. through splitting the class into pairs and small groups and mixing groups so that students learn to work with a range of different learners. I have to show respect for diverse range of views. I can use the e-portfolio record to evidence what I have done to address the needs of diverse learners. The learners are most effective when they are taught in their own learning styles. In fact, there are three major types of learners: visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic. While most individuals without disabilities can learn using any one of these styles, most people have one for which they show a stronger similarity. Visual learners- Visual learners are those who generally think in terms of pictures. They often prefer to see things written down in a handout, text or on the overhead. They find maps, graphs, charts, and other visual learning tools to be extremely effective. They remember things best by seeing something written. Auditory learners- Auditory learners are those who generally learn best by listening. They typically like to learn through lectures, discussions, and reading aloud. They remember best through hearing or saying items aloud. Kinesthetic learner- Kinesthetic, also called tactile, learners are those who learn best through touching, feeling, and experiencing that which they are trying to learn. They remember best by writing or physically manipulating the information. There are many tests available to help me and my learners discover my best learning style. Generally speaking, however, if I am someone who is more likely to think in pictures, prefer to meet with someone in person and are more likely to want visual diagrams when completing a task I have tendencies towards visual learning. Similarly, if I am more likely to think in terms of sounds, prefer to speak on the phone with someone, and want verbal instruction then I tend towards auditory learning. Finally, if I am more likely to think in terms of moving images like mini-movies in my mind, prefer to participate in an activity when I meet to speak with someone, and tend to jump right into a task without reading directions I tend towards tactile/kinesthetic learning. In my teaching I can adapt by pre-teaching difficult vocabulary and concepts state the objective and provide the reason for listening. I can teach mental activities in listening- note taking, questioning and reviewing. I can provide study guides and worksheets, script of the films and lecture outlines to the learners before the lesson starts. During the lesson I can provide visuals via the board or overhead, I can use flash cards. I can have the learners close their eyes and ask them to visualize the information. Make the learners take notes and use colored markers to highlight. I can teach the use of acronyms to help visualize lists. I can give explanations in small distinct steps. I can provide written as well as oral directions and shorten the listening time required. I can provide written and...
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