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Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, African slave trade Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: September 14, 2012
Lesson 1 Assignment
1) What does Tisquantum's experience indicate about European attitudes toward Native Americans: In what ways did he reflect and participate in the "the Columbian exchange"? Tisquantum who was also mainly known as “Squanto” throughout the Columbian exchange was a native member of the Patuxet tribe, which was located along the area of Plymoth. His ability to speak better English than many other native Americans made him stand out to the Pilgrims, thus having caused them to eagerly converse and learn from him. Squanto had served the Europeans in several ways. He translated and interpreted many significant conversations between the Pilgrims and his own kind. He also showed them different methods of survival in the new world, such as tending to corn crops and fishing efficiently. Tisquantum had directed them around the Newfoundland for their profit as well. He was highly dedicated to the Pilgrims and many of them showed equal interest. It can easily be stated that Squanto has been a positive influence towards the Europeans and their attitudes towards the native Americans. 2) a. What was indentured servitude like in the colonies? Was it much different from being a slave? Indentured servitude is more so the act of purchasing one’s life to act as a servant for a certain amount of time. For example, a young healthy person may be bought by a wealthy European for five or more years. Once one is a slave he or she is usually a slave for life; not for a certain amount of time. b. Compare the Middle Passage to the voyage of indentured servants in question A. In what trade system did the slave trade form one part? The Triangular Slave Trade system, which consisted of three specific portions (Outward, Middle and Return Passages) is where the slave trade formed into one part. The middle passage is argueably one of the most dangerous journeys of the three due to the horrendous living conditions aboard the vessel. Majority of the slaves aboard...
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