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Topics: Educational psychology, Kinesthetic learning, Learning Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: December 15, 2013
VARK Analysis Report
VARK is a questionnaire that enables the user to have a general profile of their learning preferences. The learning preferences are the ways in which the user wants take in and give out information during the learning process(Flemming, 2013). VARK can give the learner better insight into how they learn and how they process the world around them. The VARK questionnaire also helps nurses who are counseling, training, or educating their clients or their families to better develop individualized learning strategies. The learning style that I received as a result of completing the VARK questionnaire was the kinesthetic learning preference. Kinesthetic learning which is also known as, tactile learning, is a learning style in which learning takes place by physically doing the activity rather than just watching a demonstration or listening to a lecture ("Kinesthetic learning," 2013, para. 1). Kinesthetic learners tend to be tactile in their learning behaviors and are commonly thought of as “doers”. As a result, when they are doing an activity, they tend be learning in the process or discovering ideas of the activity itself. They can remember important things in relation to what they are doing. Some kinesthetic learners struggle with listening and reading. Kinesthetic learner like hands on learning activities, thus, do better in activities ranging from chemistry experiments, acting, sports activities, art, etc. Learning occurs in this group when they can express thought, ideas or concepts by using their body. I tend to agree with some of the points listed in the results of my VARK questionnaire. I do prefer to learn “hands on”. Hands on activities give me a great feel and understanding of what knowledge I am applying and gives practical understanding to what I am doing. I do find some difficulty with reading an entire book but I do enjoy reading. However, I prefer smaller amounts of reading especially on technical or theory based...
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