Visual Learning Style

Topics: Educational psychology, Visual learning, Education Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: September 8, 2012
Visual Learning Style
I took the learning style quiz to determine what my learning style is. I was not surprised when it came back stating I was a visual learner. As a visual learner I remember what has been written down, even if I don’t read it more than once. I like to write things down and pay attention to lectures if I watch them. That way I can stop them and take notes and rewind if necessary. That is why I enjoy online learning. If I were in a typical classroom setting I would have to write down everything on the chalkboard. To succeed in COL 112 I print the instructions so I can read them and highlight the important points. For example, I printed the Learning Styles lesson so I would have a “visual” of the quiz and mark my answers on the paper and then answer them online. My strategies for the Seminar Two Quiz which covers the uses of the STAR and Solar System and learning styles are to use flashcards. I will make a card for each topic and list the subtopics and put in some key words to jog my memory. For example my card for the Solar System will have a bullet point with Academic Office and keywords of transcript, registration, course documents. The strategy I am using for the Facilitation Project is to print out the assignment instructions, group project rubric and recommended timeline, go over them a few times and get a good understanding of what is expected. While researching my topic of Reading Strategies I have been taking notes and highlighting the keywords that will help me come up with my post and to keep the discussion going. Knowing my learning style will help me succeed academically, personally and professionally.
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