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Topics: Human migration, African slave trade, Persian Gulf Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: November 19, 2014
You can copy/paste the questions below to your own word document or you can download this information Here. Please answer the following questions and submit it as an assignment. 1 define migration

The permanent relocation of residential place.

2 explain the effects migrations have had on both geography and history

It has contributed to the evolution and development of separate cultures, to the diffusion of cultures by interchange and communication, and the complex mix of people and cultures found in different regions of the world today. 3 understand that migration occurs at different scales

Migration can occur as intercontinental or interregional.

4 explain why people change their residential location

People change their residential location because changes in life cycle, income level (either more or less money available to spend on housing), job location, perceived safety of neighborhood, better school district, convenient location, and many other factors

5 analyze migrations in terms of classifications (forced, voluntary, imposed) and types Migration can either be forced where it is not up to them, voluntary where it is up to them, or imposed where it is up to them but is highly advisable that they do move. There are five types and each type can be put into one of the two classifications, which are conservative or innovative. Innovative migrations include those people who move to find a new way of life and Conservative movers are those who move to find a new surrounding. Primitive Migration is those who move due to environmental factors, forced migration is for those who move because they are forced (usually by the government), Impelled Migration is similar to forced but people still can have some say in if they move, Free Migration is those who move for economic betterment, and Mass Migration which is for those who move in large numbers. 6 explain the decision to migrate in terms of push and pull factors Those who move for pull factors...
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