Was Slavery a Necessary Evil?

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery, African American Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: September 3, 2012
“Was Slavery a Necessary Evil?”

Slavery wasn’t a necessary evil, proven by the fact that quality of life for African Americans and poor whites improved after the Civil War. In the early North American colonies, there were plenty of poor whites and their were also many poor european countries but, despite this fact Africans were captured from there countries and families, devastating many lives. The inhumanity of this is only the beginning of a long period of exploitation and harsh labor.

When slaves were first captured, they were stuffed into putrid ships carried on shelves in chains and stuffed on top of each other. They were given inedible food and were treated worst than animals. No other race was submitted to such a cruelty and my ancestors were survivors. Even after the unbearable suffering endured in the slave ship, the Africans were sold at auction as property. They were then taken to the highest bidders plantation to work from sunup to sundown and had to live in small slave quarters, where they were feed leftovers from the masters supper.

Slavery caused many problems for all races but especially for the victims, our African American race. Many of our women and girls suffered not only from the work in the field but, they also were raped and abused by masters and the men couldn't do anything about it. The end of this started during the Civil War. The Civil War should be considered the 2nd American Revolution, the first being the War against the British. The highest percentage of death in any war was in the Civil War. Even after Slavery ended during the Civil War, there was, and still is, residue from it which lasted all through Segregation and still exist today.

Why didn't the world come to the rescue of the enslaved Africans? One question that rings in my mind is why was it that our race endured such inhumane treatment? Was it because we were considered inferior in a biological way? A technological way? The answer is simply no. We...
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