Was Trade the Most Important Factor of British Empire

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Was Trade the Most Important Factor of the Growth of the British Empire. Do You Agree?

At the Cutty Sark I learned that the ship traded tea from China. It was able to carry 10,335 tea chests. It left from London with mining gear, beer, coal and household goods. This shows that trade was quite an important factor for the Empire because people were able to use items and foods that they did not get in their own country and it also increases colonisation because some people from the UK would stay in China gathering all of the cargo onto the ship and would stay there to make sure trade was always going on. The ship would of shipped off a lot of cargo and the living conditions would have been very bad. The men on board would of had to do many jobs. This shows that being on board a ship was not always a pleasant experience. The ship had many sales so that it could travel faster. The Cutty Sark would export cargo from the United Kingdom such as items like mining gear, beer, coal, household goods, some weaponry and especially wool. In Australia from 1869-1892 there ended up being 100,000,000 sheep in Australia. There were not that many men on board. There were 30 men on board at the most and almost half of them were apprentices. Most of the crew on board the ship would abandon it when they got to Australia. This increased colonization in another part of the world.

At the National Maritime Museum I learnt more about the East India Company. The Europeans began to trade with Asia by sea around the 1500's. The first European to sail from Europe to Asia was Vasco da Gama. Many different European countries traded with sailed to Southern India for things like spices and pepper. This is exactly what the Dutch did. Robert Knox sailed from Great Britain to Southern India because of the East India Company. Many of the things that were traded helped the UK. Pepper which came from India protected people against the Plague. The Navy was the most important thing with trading...
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