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Topics: Educational psychology, Eating, Motivation Pages: 4 (934 words) Published: March 14, 2015
PSY202: Adult Development and Life Assessment
Self-Regulation and Willpower
Instructions: Use this worksheet to reflect on self-regulation and willpower. Items with a blue asterisk require completion (*).

1. Summarize the main ideas from the video and article in one paragraph each. A. Video – “The Science of Willpower: An Interview with Kelly McGonigal”* In this video Kelly McGonigal speaks about what willpower is to her and gives examples of what it could be. Kelly also speaks about reaching goals and how you need willpower to reach them. At last, Kelly talks about how technology plays a big part of today’s role but how certain approaches of it could benefit or damage our every day lives.

B. Article – “Academic Delay of Gratification, Motivation, and Self-regulated Learning Strategies”*
In this article it talks about how delay of gratification can benefit in your educational assignments and tasks. Dr. Bembenutty also conducts a study on how male versus female can impact the result on the findings on the impact of decisions made by the students.

2. Using your own words, define willpower and explain what it means to you.* Willpower to me means anything and everything I am willing to do to accomplish a task or goal no matter what obstacle I face.

3. Think about a time in which you used willpower to delay instant gratification. Type to enter text

PSY202: Adult Development and Life Assessment
A. Explain what happened in detail.*
B. While on the diet I am on now I have been in restaurants where I either couldn’t eat the food my family was eating or I had already eaten and needed to stick to my diet so I wouldn’t cheat.

B. What were the results?*
The results were that I stayed strong on my diet even though I wanted to cheat and eat the foods that everyone else was eating I stuck to my diet and never gave up.

C. How did you feel afterward?*
Afterward I felt strong, proud, and knew that I could do this diet with no problem!

4. Think about...
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