Week 3 Homework

Topics: Educational psychology, Psychology, Reinforcement Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Week 3 Homework

Operant Conditioning molds behavior by the consequences of an individual through punishment, reinforcement and extinction. Observational Learning happens from observing the behavior of other individuals. Social Learning is a behavior learned from a social environment. Prejudice is developed and nurture through classical and operant conditioning from an early age when an individual acts prejudice towards something and is rewarded for acting in such a way or saying such things. For example A parent, say father, says (and please do not take offence towards this it is only an example!) “Stupid wet-back, they’re no good for anything but taking our jobs!” a son or daughter will learn that this is applicable behavior. Then when the child, son or daughter, says something along the same lines around his or her father the father would agree, laugh or show affection towards the child’s comment. Thus the behavior is not being corrected allowing the ignorant behavior to continue. For my presentation I would use Rhyme-keys and Loci Method to help me remember notes and slides. I would Use Rhyme-keys for myself on key words in the slides to help me remember key ideas with Loci Method with pictures and diagrams in the slides to better help my memory. For example if I had a slide on the marketing sale rates on, say computers being sold I would use a graph with percentages over time with a scale on sale rate, I would use key words to explain the key points for why there is a clime or fall in sales. Cognitive, physiological, and behavioral are the three qualities. Cognitive is a mental process that involves memory, attention, understanding language, producing language, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. Physiological deals with the understanding of one’s own body, hygiene and appearance. Emotional is in regards to self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. If I were interviewing applicants for a position in my company I...
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