What is Organic Chemistry?

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Stephanie Stevens
4th period
Mrs. Spinks
Annotated bib on organic chemistry

Organic chemistry is that branch of chemistry that deals with the structure, properties, and reactions of compounds that contain carbon. It is a highly creative science. Chemists in general and organic chemists in particular can create new molecules never before proposed which, if carefully designed, may have important properties for the betterment of the human experience. Organic chemists at all degree levels are found in all those industries that depend on R&D, working on projects from fundamental discovery to highly applied product development. The foundation of the pharmaceutical industry is the large pool of highly skilled organic chemists..

Organic chemistry is the study of the properties of the compounds of carbon that are organic. All carbon compounds except for a few inorganic carbon compounds are organic. Inorganic carbon compounds include the oxides of carbon, the bicarbonates and carbonates of metal ions, the metal cyanides, and a few others. There are over six million organic compounds characterized, including the foods we eat, (made of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and vitamins), furs and feathers, hides and skins, and the organisms they came from. not to mention plastics, synthetic and natural fibers, dyes and drugs, insecticides and herbicides, ingredients in perfumes and flavoring agents, and petroleum products. The name organic chemistry came from the word organism. Prior to 1828, all organic compounds had been obtained from organisms or their remains. The belief then was that the synthesis of organic compounds from inorganic compounds in the laboratory was impossible. All efforts had failed, and scientists became...
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