What Make Us Different

Topics: Geert Hofstede, Gender, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: November 25, 2014
 Nowadays, the technology has brought the different parts of the world into closer touch with one other than before and has facilitated for many opportunities of many people belong among different cultures in order to work and communicate together. However, there are different of cultures and religions, which cause many conflicts and controversies. Luckily, professor Geert Hofstede wondered and answered by himself. Thenceforward, measuring culture is created and allowed in world.

According to the statistical numbers, Hofstede analyzed and found the appropriation clarity and the difference of society on the three levels of uniqueness on human mental programming and four types of courses. The first level is personality, meaning specific to individual from inheritance and learning. The second level is culture, meaning specific to group and category by learning such as school or family. The third level is human nature, which means created by your self without learning. There are 4 types of courses. Fist of all is the power distance, which is less powerful members accept that power is distributed unequally. It is so high that means society accepted unequal contribution of power and everybody even known them situations, while position and power will share equally for each other people if power distance is low. For example, Malaysia is country with a high the power distance, people are just allowed to report to highest level on the government. Secondly, the individualism versus collectivism degreed to which individuals are integrated into groups. One of the countries has highest IDV proportion, every body usually connect a little and lack responsibility except family. But those nations have had a low IDV figure, the individual personal connected closely and the level of respectfulness is high in the general group. Thirdly, the masculinity versus femininity is respect of sex, which is distribution of roles between genders “masculine” versus a more caring...
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