What Should Have Done to Extand Seozeo's Market Through Its Foreign Partners

Topics: Communication, Culture, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 23 (6850 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Table of Contents

1.1 Executive Summary2
1.2 Purpose of Statement3
1.3 The Scope3
1.4 Limitations3
1.5 Background Information3
2.1 What is a business networking and what is the position of SEOZEO in networking?5
2.2 What are the benefits of being in a network?6
2.3 Relationships in business networks7
2.4 What is the relationship type between SEOZEO & AKM3?8
2.5 What are SEOZEO’s communication challenges?9
2.6 What are the effects of lack of communication and lack of trust?11
2.7 Difficulties of doing business in a network12
2.7.1 Weakness in using technology for communication12
2.7.2 Lack of communication13
2.7.3 Lack of Trust13
2.7.4   Do national culture differences create barriers between companies?14
2.7.5 Organizational culture’s aspects14
3. CLOSER COLLABORATION REQUIRES MORE EFFORT FROM SEOZEOBusinesses are increasingly under pressure to find new ways to increase productivity and stay15
3.1 Impact of the appropriate culture to the closer relationship16
3.1.1 Appropriate organizational culture for network16
3.1.2 Dimensions of national culture relevant to network17
3.2 Closer relationship are beneficial to SME’s18
3.2.1 The elements of collaboration18
3.2.2 Level of information exchanged19
3.3 Role of communication to have success at collaboration19
4.1 Role of using technology efficiently23
4.2 Role of trust and commitment23
4.3 Adapting an appropriate culture23
4.4 Choosing collaborative relationship24

1.1 Executive Summary
This report aims to analyze SEOZEO with different dimensions for improving relationship with foreign partner. In this report after examining SEOZEO’s conditions on business relationship, organizational culture, communication and national culture, recommendations will be offered for advancing in building better relationship with customers.   As a member of huge network, SEOZEO has different types of intercultural relationships. In this report, it is seen that SEOZEO doesn’t know how to develop it’s market through its partners. SEOZEO doesn’t give enough importance have closer collaboration with it’s partners because it is obvious that they don’t know why they should do that.  The benefits of being in a network, having closer ties with partners and understanding importance of developing collaborative relationships are investigated to show SEOZEO what they can achieve. At the content below we investigate organizational and national culture of SEOZEO.  How is the environment  at the office, culture’s effects on the business. You can also find suggestions about which type of culture should be adopted by the company and how it should be implemented to the business.

1.2 Purpose of Statement
The purpose of this report is to indicate what should be done to develop collaborative relationships with the major business associate AKM3.de so as to initiate further supply customer relationship and acquire new businesses abroad.

1.3 The Scope
This report clarifies the significance of collaborative relationship with foreign partners by understanding and applying national and organizational cultures. To achieve this goal, we examined the most common theories to establish new communication practices. 1.4 Limitations

Main limitation of this report’s research process is time deficit. Except that, lack of resource about network sector is another limitation which is faced during the research.

1.5 Background Information
SEOZEO is a very young and small company. It is founded at 2010 at CyberPark, Bilkent by Yiğit KONUR who is the owner of the first SEO blog of Turkey: Seoteknikleri.com. SEOZEO is one of the partner of SEOmoz who is one of the best SEO communities around the world. Main principle of SEOZEO is...

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Instructor : Elizabeth SAATÇİ
December 10, 2012
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