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Topics: Management, Cross-cultural communication, Geert Hofstede Pages: 1 (233 words) Published: December 13, 2014
What skills would be most important to a manager like Jeff Bourk? Explain your choice. (4 question) Conceptual and human skills:
Jeff Bourk, executive director of the airport. So he is working in the top of managerial system. As we all know top managers, most common focus on conceptual skills, furthermore we should do not forget about human skills as well. If talk about conceptual skills, managers of this level like Jeff Bourk must pay attention on establishing he goals and strategies of their organization and hink about abstract and complex situations, for instance: • establishing contracts with airlines, •work on ideas and •gaining community support. However in this case also important human skills whatever it is, he should understand interpersonal communications skills to make his views known to others while dealing with city officials (i.e. mayor) or employee disputes. High in power distance, individualism and uncertainty avoidance; Low in masculinity: It’s clear from Hofstede’s dimensions, France tends moderately high on power distance, noticeably high on individualism and uncertainty avoidances as well; however quite low on masculinity. If we talk about workers in France, as we found there is more likely for employees to take aggressive position on problems. Moreover their level uncertainty avoidance believe in a search of truth. Combined with their feelings about power being distributed equally, it is obvious that this employee’s reaction fit with their national culture.
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