What Were the African Reactions to Slave Trade?

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, African slave trade Pages: 4 (1636 words) Published: May 15, 2007
What were the African reactions to slave trade? (The question requires for you to describe the reaction of Africans from the point of views of peoples, individuals and captives).

The Atlantic slave trade which was inevitably began by the Portuguese, but later in time taken over by the English, was the sale and exploitation of African slaves by Europeans that occurred in and throughout the Atlantic Ocean from the 15th century to the 19th century. Most slaves were transported from West Africa and Central Africa to the New World. Although slavery and slave trading already existed it became well known and practiced in all cultures. During this time while Europeans obtained most slaves through coastal trade with African states, some slaves were captured through raids and kidnapping. The slaves were one element of a three-part economic cycle the Triangular Trade and its Middle Passage which ultimately involved four continents, four centuries and millions of people. Let's take Olaudah Equaino for instance being a slave was not easy for him at all being raided and taken from your family at the tender age of ten years old. It was said that when Equiano became a slave his experiences convinced him that he had entered a world of hell and destruction. Being that Equiano was not comfortable with the customs to living as a slave he became even more disgusted with the close confinements and unstable conditions he and other slaves were forced to live under. Due to these heinous conditions Equiano wanted to just give up, which included losing his appetite and hoping to die, the sailors took him on deck to whip him. It has even been said that when the slaves tried to go out on deck and receive fresh the crew strung nets to prevent them from jumping overboard. Though the slaves were deprived of their freedom, they're usage of speaking the same language was even put to cease by separating any individuals who did speak the same language. There was no joy being in this type of...
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