What I Wish to Gain from College

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What I hope to gain from College Cardenas 1

College is and has always been one of my biggest accomplishments growing up. My mother was the kind who often spoke about college on a constant basis and about sacrificing to become someone for the near future. Nonetheless, it was the main reason we left our home country, Cuba. There were many different aspirations that I wanted I to gain by the time I was done with college, but there is knowledge, motivation and responsibility; which for me are the things I’ve gained from the time I have been here now that I am two terms from graduating.

One of the most important things I hoped to gain was knowledge. Knowledge is the key to success. It is one of the main factors to move along with your education career, it makes you wise and it helps you take the right steps in life. But along with knowledge come experience, and to me it is fundamental. I believe you can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it. But what your parents and teachers forget to tell you growing up is that it never comes easy, especially if you have to work and go to school. It is a major sacrifice, you must live it to understand it.

Being in college has provided me with the motivation I need to proceed in my education career. When you have a long term goal like this one you need it. It will make you determined, and that will take you to the finish line. Motivation gave me hope when I thought I would never finish college. It has made me ambitious for the future but also very humble. Humble in the sense of having to go through so much hardship to when I make, it I am going to remember where I was and where I came from. A lot of people forget that. People lose track of their dreams and tend to forget what really matters in life other than being successful.

College has made me very responsible. You have to learn how to multitask with; school,...
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