when did slavery start in america

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When did slavery start in america.
Once Slavery was introduced into the new colonies it changed the direction that the colonies were heading in. there are many theory’s and ideas linked with the importation of africans to america. Although some may consider racism a major role of the african enslavement, the need for Labor, Low Cost Price ,and Availability played a major role on the enslavement of africans in the new colonies.

When the start of the colonization of america began the charters thought they had a pretty flawless plan. Get the Rich people to buy space on the boat, and then those rich people would pay the trip for their servants. In return they had to work for them for seven years. After that more people will come as they colonize, but there were issues. Along the way the crew and occupants of the boat got sick and many died. Second of all once they got there a lot of servants died because of either native americans attacked the colonist or because of the new diseases that were killing them. But the key factor is that in Virginia Tobacco was the crop that saved the colony from dying. They used the crops to deal it was there money. But when the indenture servants start to die and the people who are willing to work as servants decrease it creates a need for labor. That is when slavery starts. “ Slavery was not according to blackburn and antiquated remnant of an older world. It was, he concludes uncomfortably a recognizable market economy.” ( document A) A person only could produce certain amounts of that crop and with the demand so high they had no other choice but to find people to start working for them, and start production as quickly as possible.

Why africans? Well according to document B the english had made a settlement on Africa forty years before the trading so they knew what type of people they were dealing with. “English observers in west Africa in west Africa were sometimes so profoundly...

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