Which One Is Better? Studying Local or Abroad?

Topics: University, Higher education, Learning Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: January 11, 2011
Based on Erin E. Sullivan (2010) state that studying abroad will challanges on a personal level whether one realize it or not. One will develop a greater self-confidence, independence, and self-reliance. Studying abroad may effect all one personal such as unfamiliar surroundings and different friends. It is not always easy to get to familiar environment for a short of period of time. Studying abroad give one major benefits to broaden the world understanding and perspective on just about anything. The different view of international affairs, from politics to economics to social issues. One will know how another culture approaches daily life unusual challenges. Studying abroad, a new academic subject interest or perspective on major may emerge because an abroad university allows to learn subject that are not available at local university. By studying abroad obviously give resume that nice boost and improves post- graduate employment prospects. Nowadays, employers always seek collage graduate who have spent time studying abroad as they want employees with an international knowledge base as well as foreign language skills. Some skills for marketable for employment include cross-cultural communication skills, analytical skills, teamwork, flexibility, an understanding of cultural contexts, the ability to adapt to new circumferances and deal with differences, a developed view of the world outside. By studying abroad, one will experience a different education system. Abroad university are much less focused on grades because they care more about learning to increase understanding and knowledge. Thus, one can expect to have less one-on-one interaction with lecturers.

By article from Mary M. Dwyer, Ph.D. and Courtney K. Peters (2010), Cynthia Perras (1981) said that studying abroad will open students eye by experience of living and studying in another country. These intercultural benefit are not fleeting but continue to impact participants’ lives long studying abroad....
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