Why Cultural Awarness Is Important in Business

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Why cultural awareness is important in business?


The main objective of the academic essay is to explain why cultural awareness is important in business. It demonstrates about culture and the uses of it in business. Communication is a vital element in a business both internally and externally as it is a source of exchanging information. Corporate culture is a part of communication which is introduced. The essay includes barriers to communication and their consequences, to rectify main reasons for misunderstanding. Cross-culture communication is looked into with examples of different cultures and factors that can overcome cultural misunderstanding.



1.1 Culture is a mixture of language, religion, cuisine, social habits, arts and music. All nations or societies have a culture that gives them a separate identity from one another (Alan Cowling & Philip James). Culture builds up a country, as there are large group of people from different countries (immigrants) mixed together.

1.2 There are various kinds of cultures spread throughout the world. Western Culture determines the culture involved in European countries along with cultures in United States, Latin, Celtic, Germanic and Hellenic. Nowadays western culture can be seen mostly in every country. It is where Christianity basically rose from. Eastern Culture basically denotes countries situated in Far East Asia which involves China, Japan, Vietnam, North Korea and India. Such culture are heavily influenced by religions. The difference between western and eastern culture is the fact that eastern culture tend to avoid separation between secular society and religious philosophy, whereas Western culture do. Middle Eastern Culture includes countries in Middle East. Their society has strong belief in Islam and their religion. A country situated in such areas has Arabic as their common language; even though at some places there can be barriers in communication. African culture is seen in countries situated in the African continent. The country has many tribes, social and ethnic group. There are mainly two essential cultures: North Africa and Sub- Saharan Africa (www.livescience.com).

1.3 Culture influences business in terms of what can be acceptable or unacceptable, whether it is important or not, is it right or wrong, is it workable or unworkable. This explains how a group of people or an organized community deal with their work. To be added the interaction between the members either involved or not involved. In a business the rules & regulation, working environment and ways of dealing responsibilities is the culture that will be identified. The ability of passing on the culture is also important in a business. Culture in a business can depend on beliefs, knowledge, norms, and assumptions, values along with attitudes, behaviour, dress sense and language ( www.businessdictionary.com ). Culture of a particular company can vary. It can be at times in a country point of view. Like for example Google offices in USA is much different compared to the one’s in China. This is because of the different culture they follow. The environment in the office has some difference, even though their working structure or procedure is same.

2.1 The respects and behaviours of a group of people involved in a particular organization is a corporate culture. It includes the organizations expectations, its philosophy, experiences and value that bind it as a whole. It can be expressed in terms attitudes towards work and people, beliefs, symbols, habits, rules whether it is written or unwritten and values. It is important for a new member in an organization to know the flow that is followed by others in previous years. It has a huge affect on the member’s both internally and externally involved in an organization. This indicates the way people interact with one another whether it can be dealing with their colleague or externally...
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