Why Marriage Fails?

Topics: Marriage, Love, Want Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Sebastian Ugalde

Nancy Hunt


Summary response on “Marriage”

The Story of an Hour, Frankie and Johnny, Roots of Temptation and the movie “He’s Not That Into You”. In all of these stories there is always one person out of the relationship that doesn’t know what it wants’. It makes the relationship harder because these feelings that they have, they don’t share it with each other. These make the relationship to fail and not to be a healthy relationship. People usually get really confused. When you have a relationship for a long time period, it usually becomes a routine and it gets really boring. People need passion, new experiences, and adventure. That it is why people start to get confused. When I said the word confused, I mean they start to see other people outside the relationship. When this happens the relationships its based on lies. People think their companion doesn’t care about them anymore, it seems to me that never is enough for people, they always want more or new. They don’t know what to do with their lives, which they want to be, if they want to be by themselves, get a new companion or leave the old one. When people try new experiences in his/her relationship it’s when something wrong happen. It could be attraction, drugs, revenge, and sex appeal. Or it could be just fate, destiny. Sometimes things like these just happens and you were with the wrong person and in the end you fond the one. For example, we are in a bar and my best friend fought with his wife and got off the bar, went back to his house. In the way back to his house he trip with a gorgeous women. These women ask my friend out to dinner. My friend starts dating her and falls in love with her. My friends Dumps his wife, asks for divorce. Her wife gives him the divorce, and marries the gorgeous women. In the end turns that they have 3 kids and have 50 years of marriage together (no cheating, best friends, honest relationship). These examples, they all have something in...
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