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Topics: The Winslow Boy, Terence Rattigan, George Archer-Shee Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: May 11, 2014
Paul Franks
ENGL 1123
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COL Toland
26 Feb. 2014
Let Right be Done
“Let Right be done” (Rattigan 47) is one of the central phrases in The Winslow Boy by Terrance Rattigan. This play is about a small boy named Ronnie, who is expelled from the Osborne Naval Academy for stealing a postal order, although he says he did not do it. So his father hires the best lawyer around, Sir Robert, to prove his innocence. In the end Ronnie is proven innocent and Sir Robert cries in court. He says he cried because right, not justice, had been done. What is right is not always the same as justice, for right to be done can involve injustice. There are three ways injustice is done in The Winslow Boy: the loss of money, social standing, and energy. A lot of money is lost for the case of Ronnie. Arthur and his family are forced to make many sacrifices in order to support the cost of the case. In fact, to support the case they “[…] have a half of the income […]” (Rattigan 57) then when the case first stated. This has some pretty unjust effects on the family, such as having to withdraw Donnie from Oxford, and the sacrifice of a wedding dowry for Catherine. While these things appear unjust for the Winslow family, many times money is required to do what is right. This is why charities need to raise money for their causes, so they can seek out and do what is right. Besides money, another injustice that causes much turmoil is the loss of social standing. The Winslow family has sacrificed themselves socially in order to seek out what is right. They are called “A nationwide laughing stock” (Rattigan 69) in order to achieve what is right. This was another cause of Catherine’s marriage being broken off. Sir Robert also had to sacrifice being the Lord Chief Justice in order to continue along with the case. Many times it is not popular to do what is right, such as telling when a popular kid is making fun of and beating an unpopular kid. It will not be popular, but it is...
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