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The Woman In Black By Susan Hill
Before reading the book I already had a general idea of what was bound to happen within the story as I was brave enough to watch it last year starring Daniel Radcliff as Arthur Kipps which ruins the book for me . However reading the book was still interesting and enjoyable because the film is not exactly shown what’s on the book. The movie helped me picture the characters such as Radcliff within the story .

Woman in Black starts as Mr Kipps as an elderly tells about his past experience when he was new to being a solicitor, during Christmas eve which haunts him from the day it occurred and this very evening. He was sent to a small farming town called Crythin Gifford to sort out the affairs of a widowed client Alice Drablow who recently died . He sensed something wrong with the unwelcoming atmosphere as he was ignored by almost all of the people when it comes to talking about the deceased Mrs. Drablow with a ‘steady stare’ as if they never heard it .

Upon reading this book, the part where Mrs. Drablow’s funeral, I immediately knew who the woman who Mr. Kipps kept seeing while Mr Jerome could not but knows who she is . Reading every word of what Mr Kipps is telling to Mr Jerome I could hear my heart beating . Before leaving to go to Eel Marsh House, he was warned with the townspeople’s superstitions but ignored them as he did not believe such things . Despite all the warnings, Mr. Kipps decided to not just go over but stayed overnight until he has concluded his work at the Eel Marsh House .

At long last Arthur realises that the superstitions aren’t just superstitions but real as he witnesses unexplainable events, a woman dressed in black when the land is supposedly deserted. But still continues to stay in the house then eventually decides to stop the haunting . After thinking that it was all over, the Woman in Black yet strikes again, she had her revenge. What interested me was the story of Jennet Humfrye, her...
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