Workplace Diversity

Topics: Geert Hofstede, German language, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Project Teams and “Workplace Diversity”

Charles Baker
June 21 2013
CIS 3317
Mr. Kevin Jetton

As I have been designated as the Project Leader/Manager of the new information technology system that is currently being developed, it is my duty to bring together the partner firms as to support and stimulate the swift and thorough development of this new technology. Due to the high level of expertise of this German firm, we have selected them to partner with us as we begin the development process. We understand that the barriers of the oceans, as well as the time zones, have created a hurdle in the communication that is necessary to complete the project within the short deadline that was given to us. For this reason, I will be approaching this problem of time zones by applying new and innovative Web 2.0 technologies to help solve and manage this obstacle of time, work, and meeting hours. II. IT International Division Partner

A. The International Technology Partner Firm involved in the project is the Dresden division in North Eastern Germany.
B. In the Power Distance Index (PDI) dimension, the German business culture is very similar to that of the US, being within 5 points on the PDI scale. Germans tend to discourage a centralization of power in a business setting, even more so than Americans, and expect a high level of co-determination between managers and workers. Americans tend to have a hierarchy for convenience, and just like in Germany, managers rely on their team for specialization. In Germany, leadership is challenged to prove expertise, and an active grasp for power will be met with disdain.

With that in mind, the German culture also highly values a strong sense of individualism and personal responsibility. Generally, the workers individual sense of duty and responsibility is very strong, contrasting with their family relationships, yet in America, these senses are strong signs of leadership and initiative. Communication...
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